New Horizons – part 1

So I have a list of subjects planned out in my drafts folder & target dates to publish them. Some are just working titles , some are little triggers for me to come back to. I have been spending a bit of time trying to learn a bit more about managing this blog, which for a Luddite like me is tricky. Hopefully, I have mastered some of the basics, so now back to content and writing!

So I looked at the working titles and thought most of them were a bit too dark for my next post, then I noticed ‘New Horizons ‘ which sounded good. A positive headline, a challenge to fill a page with only good things, good points of view, good vibes. So let’s do it.

Young onset Parkinson’s Disease will be beaten in the end.  It will be beaten and reversible with a breakthrough treatment in the not too distant future; visit the end of year review webinar held by the Michael J Fox Foundation, for a useful summary as at the end of 2017. The amount of research is gathering pace. Neurological diseases in general will be beaten, we have already had a major step forward in prospects for Huntingdon’s Disease this year.

What else to be positive about? Well a fantastic holiday in the Seychelles, my son’s six birthday, Lapland to hunt for Father Christmas in December, BBQ  season, new books to read, challenges at work to overcome, a new job perhaps, new films to see, getting back to running, joining a gym, breathing, re-balancing my life (cutting down my hours), learning to code, taking up golf, getting out in the garden, growing the roses, adoring my wife, going to church, helping others, drinking expensive wine, driving a new car, cooking my favourite recipes, finding new ones, breathing, hugging my dogs, laughing and singing, playing with and teaching my gorgeous son, exploring new places, summertime, my family, my friends, breathing some more!

So New Horizons it is for me, I am going to attack that list above but mostly I am going to keep looking at things with a happy heart, something PD can’t take! My spirit will stay strong, I will look at everyday anew. I will continue to not sweat the small stuff, I will continue to laugh at the bureaucracy and absurd rules and beliefs we bind ourselves to. (Why do we have so many potholes in the UK? Absurd we can’t fix a simple issue! I will get onto that one in a later blog.)

Breath……breath…… breath some more! Tomorrow is a new day. My New Horizon is a ‘gift’ from PD, (I realise that’s the line from Mr. MJ Fox!) but he is right, I now can look at the world and my life differently, in a more positive light for a time to come. A somewhat shorter amount of time but may be longer than I would have got with a more ordinary life. This is my New Horizon – and it is just the start, it is Part 1.

I have changed my mind now – I will release my intended 4th blog first and this one right behind it 😀

I have a lot to be thankful for, I have a lot to look forward to! I have already lived a great life & been blessed with luck. I am also ‘A Lucky Man’!


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