My world is different now

For fear of the unknown, we mostly ignore the early signs which knock at our door.

But in time we slow down to a beat not of the normal worlds rythm

We then get told you are a person with Parkinson’s & the world stops in time.

You freak , you process, you cry, you worry, you philosophise, you plan, you fight, you fall.

The unknown is now our future, no longer to ignore

The world is now a different place & the beat will be on a different drum.

You smile, you read, you learn, you talk, you walk, you change, you stretch, you hope

The world is different now,

But cut me in, deal me my next card

I won’t gamble or twist

I will persist

I will resist

but the world is different now




and flawed

My world is different now

Please help

I pop a pill

My world is different now

Better & worse

Smaller & weaker



my world is different now

Pick it up, keep running……to the end


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