Tick tock , wide awake, brain starts talking.

Inspired, creative, words fill my head.

A gift to elucidate, no point ignoring,

but sleep , please just sleep.

Time is running out, my most precious,

wasted on my misses, & thoughts so useless.

Dreaming again , could have been anything,

rewind , downsize, have your time again.

Trade it for something else,…..perhaps,

give yourself to a cause.

If I was worthy enough.

Was there a better path to tread?

Lyrics and rhymes, poems and lines,

have I wasted my time?

Tick tock, tick tock !

Mortality wakes us all

but ignorance was bliss.

Make up, dope myself up.

Time is running out.

Now to sleep, sweet sleep.

Sleep, sweet sleep




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