YOPD ‘A New Normal’

Welcome to my blog about Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD).

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on 20th November 2017. I am 44 year old man, married to a fantastic wife and have a gorgeous 5 year old son.

Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease gradually revealed itself over the course of 2017, luckily for me the actual process from first referral to a neurologist to confirmed diagnosis by a movement disorder specialist took 3 months.

‘A new normal’ is explained in my first blog post.

I am attempting to record my progression and PD characteristics to hopefully help others & add to the data being recorded in blogs like these. If it could be harnessed I am sure it would be very useful in all sorts of ways.

The prognosis of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and subtypes of PD are areas which interest me, as does the neuroscience of what happens in my and others brains.

I will evolve this blog over the coming months. For now I wish whoever reads this well & if you have YOPD please comment on you’re experience.



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