I was never very creative or interested in writing or painting at school or university. But I strangely really enjoy channelling my mind in this way as a therapy to help me with Parkinson’s. I recommend giving it a go, it doesn’t have to be any good, that isn’t the point but it is helpful when you can’t sleep and the house is quiet to get up and do something with your mind.

Dancing majestically through the morning dew

My spaniel carves a merry track

Craving playful puppy times

He barks crazily and jumps like Jack

Snow drops are first to burst through the earth

That’s warmer than it should be

On this winter’s spring like day

A woodpecker drilling , a busy bee

Early daffs, now bloomed, nearly over

The majestic magnolia is next to appear

Soon to follow crimson red camellia

The grass has been cut once already this year

And the damn crows will be earlier to nest

Before I block that chimney gap

The noisy nuisance sounds once more

A distance already from winters nap

I hope the trees turn green on time

And change the view of the rising sun

But I question, I ponder

Are we still beating to nature’s drum? ………………………………………………………

Spring time beauty explodes in grandeur

Despite our worries and the science

That brands our existence non-compliant

Changing seasons

Chasing nature

A path trodden into failure?

Or will Spring time come again?

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