6 months ‘in’

I realised the other day that I had passed the 6 month point post diagnosis & hadn’t captured how I am doing. So this is a short update.

I am still taking Rasagiline and none of my symptoms have really altered. Tremor is almost non existent. Rigidity is the main symptom along with a gait disturbance when walking. Bradykinesia is present , observed when I try to type. When in high stress situations (most of the time at work) I also have a ‘twitch’ as I would describe it , in my thumb or forefinger. That has been observed by a work colleague when I have been describing something on the computer screen , using my left hand, with my right poised above the mouse. I have noticed myself as well on occasions what must be the beginnings of a resting tremor.

My sleep is on the whole pretty good but I can wake intermittently or quite early. I get very tired and will often  sleep early evening (which I try to avoid) and find it hard to get off to sleep sometimes. (Not helped by the iPad!). I do get fatigued quite quickly when doing physical chores.

In the last month or so , I have done a lot of gardening which has surprised me in the benefit. Some of it has been quite physical (and despite getting quite tired) , the more I push through the better I feel. I noticed last week my capacity to traipse around LEGOLAND , flinging my 6 year old up on to my shoulders is a big improvement. And something which I really struggled to do a few months ago.

In summary (and it is relative of course) but I said to my wife this weekend, that I feel super human 😀. I had been concerned only 6 weeks ago that I may need to step up to Dopamine Agonists to enjoy and be well enough for holiday. So I have probably just experienced firsthand the benefit of physical work and stress reduction through a combination of gardening and a week off! Here is to more of that & when it comes to Winter again & the gardening stops , a lot more gym work instead. What I need next is to figure out how to control work related stress, especially as the Auditors are in next week!

Here’s to the same report in December.

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